Monday, 25 March 2013

Chuunibyou demo koi ga shittai! [OP Reviews]

Recently I watched Chuunibyou demo koi ga Shiitai! from my mates Blu Ray copy yes its BD yet HQ feelings!

I have watched Chuu2's OP and it's kinda dizzy drive to watch it till' Episode 4 of the anime.
I have sample of OP but its in intrumental version, yea I edited it so it'll look like karaoke XD

Sparkling Daydream is a good music for because I like the sound and the beat of it. It's a different from other anime OP that I have watched and that includes a [Guitar/Drums] but doesn't and yet this one is powered on synthesizers and piano which is nice one!

This is my review of Chuu2's OP

Monday, 21 March 2011

for Charlotte x Ichika fans out there!

yesterday I made a signature testing of Ichika x Charlotte in mangafox which I really inspire to make one all over again.

Will Ichika x Charlotte will be happy ending? hope so!

Ahh yea that signature is made in Photoshop CS2 I'm just inspired by the signature from deviantart so just a little copy-over but not really because the design and pics are different and a mix of France Flag style because charlotte is a france blood XD

Introducing - Rotation Drift -

Introducing The - Rotation Drift - an LFS Tweak Drift Server
> First of all This Server is loaded in Tweak stuffs which you can Customize your vehicle Power to push more than the stock ones!
> And the advantage of unique layouts which I really like it!

From LFS Forum posts by Tomba(FIN)
For some of you it's just another drifting server, some may think different.
First of all, rotation is not a team, club or anything like that. It's basically just a server which will hopefully create a small drifting community.

I wanted to bring ebisu in LFS, if not the track, atleast the same kind of feeling with nice people around. Even you are a total noob in drifting, don't be scared to join. This is a great place to learn balance, techniques etc.
Come with friends, team or alone and have fun.
I'm trying to make as unique layouts as I can on unique places to make the rotation differ from every other server.
Our server allows tweaks and steeringlocks etc, so you can use your own car specs and all that.

Server is hosted by 500servers. It currently allows only 12people in, but if this stands out to be a populated server I will increase the max guests.

I'll have to give ales_m credits for finding the awesome spot on aston which I created layout on and ended up making a server.

Any questions, suggestions or complaints just post here

Can't lose anything by trying! Spread the word!


Map - Aston
Introduction Videos

Rotation Introduction from Tomba on Vimeo.
Some tasty Screen shots from the Server!

From the Authors Comment
Come and visit the Server whether your alone or tag along with your Team mates this is the server that you are looking for!

for more info about their website, boards or tweaks that can be used visit links below
Server Name: >> Rotation D <<
>> BOARDS <<

Note Tweaks like Steerlock, Additional Power to the Engine is Allowed!
Cheat Engine (isn't so easy to tweak with if you don't have ready tables)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Upgraded to Windows 7 and others

 It's been 5 months since I moved on the new Operating System called Windows 7 and its incredibly fast and user interface friendly like Windows XP, all my applications are still running well from XP Compatibility options

My new OS is made in Windows 7 Ultimate and its DSP version with Nanami Madobe inside lucky 777 owners :) but I never use the theme because of ching jajaan which annoying, but its really funny though. its really cool though :)

on the other side
My workplace is messed up which ended up my work has been suspended until next month of fixing the location since i don't have work i guess i'll be free for the whole month


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

[LsGO.C] LifeStyle Gamers Organization Cruise InSim Developing [Dead]

Here guys I'm spending my time Coding the new track in LsGO at LFS S2 server

Edit: LifeStyle Gamers Organization is now dead and the new LifeStyle Cruise aka Reality Cruise team takes it over to the new InSim Interface and Kyoto Ring GP Long Track which (RC before). My unreleased LifeStyle Gamers Organization will not get public download source until New Year of 2011.

About LsGO InSim:
> The LifeStyle Gamers Organization Cruise InSim consist with 5 Tracks and 1 Demo Track with all same features but only removes on Demo is the Taxi Jobs.
> Better Cop System and removed X Y chase instead of Press the Suspect Button on Cop Panel
> Job Timers with Handy GPS and Meter distance counter
> Cadet Systems, Anti-speeding cadets <3x Remove if still speedup>
> TowTruck System with Rewards if the Towing is complete
> Tracks Supported: AS5, SO4, FE4R, WE1R and KY3R (members tested)

Status: It's now dropped due to the new LifeStyle Cruise with a new Developer named: Povo (returning Developer)

Thursday, 1 July 2010

My another XR Public Skins!!

It's been a week since this post is posted on LFSforums but I wanna share them here in my blogger.

 FnF TD: Monalisa

 Well I made this skin when I see some skins that almost bother me because of design but I made it seriously and edit

Only XRG and XRT are made 

 AE86 Trim? why not on some XR named AEXRT and AEXRG and a twist of FSR Template

Only XRG and XRT available

My friend make this skin massively and no doubt its Good!

Only XRT are available 

Thirsty? Get Gatorade!
haha another skin that makes your LFS driving nicely :P (dunno what to say)

Only XRT are available

All this skin are made by Photoshop CS2 and the Template Used from MSZ and XRT's FSR Templater, Do not edit, change the name or Host the files into another Sharing site without confirmation of the author, All Rights Reserved inline boi 2010

XFG's Pete Pizza Skin

A converted skin from UF1000 which its famously only for S2 Skin and now my friend got opened a club named ' Da Pizza' or ' Pizza Boy' and roaming around Live To Cruise Server and we do the daily servings LoL!!!

anyways enough reading around of them here is what I'm gonna share to you :)

Click the image to enlarge. and save as petepizza.jpg

How to install:
1. Copy the file
2. go to LFS installation data/skins
3. paste it!
4. play LFS and load the skin

Please do not edit or change any of this skins. for more info just contact my email address if you have any suggestions

Screen Shot so you'll not be questioning me XD

You got slower delivering the pizza in UF1? well get over on it use XFG!